About us

Remote Island was born from my love of travelling the world.

It’s my goal to travel the world as much as possible, seeing as many sights as I can and soaking up twice as many experiences. As a way of capturing my adventures, whilst passing my knowledge onto budding travellers, I thought I would write about my travel experience and tips in a blog.

This blog started many years ago and has organically grown from then to become a destination for other travellers and dreamers to discover some top tips, read up on their dream destination and keep up with what I’m up to.

In my opinion, there is no better way to share my adventures with not only the readers who happen to come across Remote Island but with my family and friends, who can simply click on to my site, learn about experiences and gain an insight into exactly what’s happening as I travel the world. Words that I probably could never express on a phone call (great pictures help too).

What I blog about on Remote Island really varies from day to day and it can depend on where I am in the world, what I’ve experienced that day or simply what’s on my mind.

Remote Island

From my little adventures to tales of new friends and remote countries and tips on what to pack for a trip, route planning and everything in between, Remote Island has it all.

I am originally from Kent in the South of the United Kingdom and have always grown up surrounded by the world of travel. My parents are typical 60’s hippies and took my on my first trip to Thailand when I was just five years old. From then we’d spend months travelling the world, being home-schooled and really having the best time ever.

I have three siblings; one older sister and twin brothers who are younger than me and we honestly had the best upbringing where different cultures and races were everywhere in our world. We grew up without pretences and I believe that has truly shaped us into who we are today.

My love for travelling has never really gone away but when I hit secondary school we moved to Kent and life kind of settled down a bit. I went to college and university (although begrudgingly) but never really lost the desire to see the world and live carefreely, so here I am, with Remote Island at my fingertips exploring the world.

So, why call it Remote Island? Well, as a traveller, there are times when I feel completely alone. There are times when I think about jumping on a plane just to see my parents or best friend again – but then I remember what a great time I’m having, and how this is one adventure I’ll probably never have an opportunity to experience in a few years’ time. This is my little remote island, all on this blog, and I’m just hoping you join me so you feel like you’re on the adventure with me.

There will be times when I will write blog after blog, and times when I will barely write at all. That’s the nature and joy or travelling, I guess, but you can guarantee I’ll be back, at some point, to update you with my latest journey and tips, which I hope you’ll find both informative and entertaining.