Are You Planning a Holiday in the Tuscan Sun? Here’s What You Should Do and Experience

When we imagine Tuscany in our mind’s eye, we can’t help but picture rolling hills and meadows, rows upon rows of cypress trees, farmhouses and villas, and olive groves and vineyards, all reminiscent of a Renaissance painting. It’s no surprise that Tuscany is one of Italy’s wealthiest regions, and its quaint and rustic charm attracts thousands of visitors every single year. If you are planning to go to Tuscany and would like to explore everything and experience everything the region has in store, this can be a tall order – but you can definitely give it a try. Here’s what you should do and experience in Tuscany for an unforgettable, life-changing holiday.

Visit San Miniato for a taste of truffles

Every foodie knows that truffles are some of the most expensive fungi on the planet. But in Tuscany’s San Miniato, you can eat truffles to your heart’s content. Make sure to sample the white truffles for which the area is particularly famous.

Traverse the steep streets of Cortona

Cortona, the classic city on a hill, is the main attraction in Tuscany’s Valdichiana area, and it is renowned for its steep streets which overlook the region and the famous Lago Trasimeno. Traversing the streets of Cortona will give you a real glimpse of Tuscany’s innate charm, making you feel like you have stepped into an entirely different, magical world.

Get awed at the Uffizi Gallery

Whether you are a classical art enthusiast or have an appreciation for all fine things, you couldn’t help but be mesmerised and awed by the Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi in Florence has the best collection of Renaissance art in Italy, and its masterpieces are undeniably breathtaking. But if you want to see most of what there is to see, dedicate at least half a day to your Uffizi Gallery experience.

Bask in the great outdoors on the Alpi Apuane 

The Alpi Apuane, located in the northern portion of Tuscany, is famous for its quarries of beautiful marble. But the Alpi Apuane is a popular spot not just for its quarries, but also for its forests and birds. The area features huge forests of chestnut and beech, and if you go there in the spring, you’ll be greeted with a profusion of gorgeous wildflowers as well. It’s easy to bask in the great outdoors at Alpi Apuane as there are footpaths all round, and you can also go on trails which thread through the valleys. Bird-watchers will be amazed at the range of bird species in the area – around 300 in all, and this includes sparrowhawks, buzzards, kestrels, and golden eagles.

Wander through San Gimignano’s winding streets

San Gimignano is also referred to as ‘delle Belle Torri’ and this is evident with its total of 15 towers dating back to the medieval period. You’ll certainly feel like you’re in the middle ages in this beautiful and striking town with its cobbled streets and ancient buildings.

Of course, there’s a lot more to see and experience in Tuscany, and you could definitely benefit from a great Tuscany destination guide if you want to explore the region away from the madding crowd. But whatever you do in Tuscany, there’s no doubt about it – your holiday is sure to be a life-changing experience you’ll be talking about for years.


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