The Best Honeymoon Destinations:

Your honeymoon is that one trip that you and your partner have been looking forward to your whole life. It’s that one trip with your sweetie that you don’t mind spending that extra money to make it a little more special. Why not go somewhere exotic and make this trip one for the books. Why not travel somewhere that you probably will never go again because it is honeymoon status. My job during this article is to show you a few of the best honeymoon destinations of 2017. This will give you a feel as to where you might want to travel to on your honeymoon or it doesn’t have to be your honeymoon it could be your next epic vacation destination. If Only you could repeat your honeymoon each year eh? Well after you experience one of these places, I am sure you will return. Let’s take a look at my top five destinations for your honeymoon.

My Top 5:

  1. Santorini, Greece
  2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  3. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
  4. The Maldives
  5. Maui, Hawaii

Any place is beautiful with the right company. And when it’s with your partner, you can just strike a dart on any of these. When the destination is sorted, you might then look for ways to enjoy sex more. A honeymoon is all about good sex, after all! Well, then you could gift yourself or your partner- a guidebook to a good sex or some sex pheromones.

These products can help to increase the pleasure of intimate moments and make the honeymoon even more enjoyable. If you are in for some extra pleasure, you can also include sex toys like wand vibrators, dildos, and similar others to spice things up. Alternatively, you can also try to act out some sex positions like those shown in adult videos (on sites similar to Sex Movr). There are literally endless options if you know where to look.

Anyway, if you have yet to hear anything about these places, let me explain to you a thing or two. These destinations are not in any particular order; each of them is equally as beautiful and romantic. It’s all on personal preference and where you will be coming from as well as budget of course.

Santorini, Greece is that picture-perfect sunset island with all the white buildings and delicious Greek gyros. If you like sunsets and boat cruises, along with panoramic views and cute villas- then honeymooning in Santorini would be the place for you! But yes, given its popularity it can be a little crowded. If you want to avoid the crowd, booking a stay in one of those luxury villas in mykonos, Crete, or elsewhere and exploring the secluded beaches would be advisable.

Bora Bora is almost like heaven on earth and is probably the number one place everyone would love to spend his or her honeymoon at. If you have not seen pictures of Bora Bora let me paint you a picture. Picture bungalows scattered over crystal clear turquoise water, with stingrays and fish floating around your room. Now welcome to Bora Bora.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil is a quaint little island in Brazil. It is a peaceful, relaxing place to spend your honeymoon because the government only lets in so many people to the island. This is so each person can enjoy everything that it has to offer. With limited hotels around, make sure you book well in advance for this place! You can never go wrong visiting Brazil, especially Fernando de Noronha.

The Maldives I would compare with Bora Bora in the sense that most of the luxury resorts are built on the water with huts and bungalows being your vacation home. This is a really cool experience and doing it with the one you love would make it that much better. If you fancy pretty skies and seafood, the Maldives is on par with that.

Maui, Hawaii is a place to go to enjoy adventure and relaxation all at the same time. With romantic catamaran sunset tours to coffee plantations and doors off helicopter tours- there’s nothing better than a trip to Maui. Also Maui has some of the prettiest skies you will ever see. Scattered palm trees off in the distance and sea turtles roaming the shoreline, life could not get any better!

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