Breaking out of your Typical Tourist Shell

Try to find out where the locals eat at any destination you visit and that will make for just one of many ways to save lots of money. Share any value you have with a local or two, even if it’s just some information about how they can access a 1 deposit casino if they’re into online betting.

Such seemingly insignificant info is so valued that it’ll go a long way in endearing you to the locals, who can then act as your point of contact with the authentic experience of the destination you’re visiting.

TribeTalk knows you’ll have a lot more time to get out and enjoy local cultures, things, and stores. You can browse for local products to purchase, book experiences and tours in your area, get rid of the crowds, and discover local characters in our new Local Language Pack.

The Local Language Pack contains 6 distinct words in 6 different languages, tailored specifically to your travels and dining preferences. You can use them in their entirety or in chunks to best fit your specific needs.

If your Spanish is a little rusty and you’re looking for ways to get yourself a few extra meals out of the deal, the language pack includes such phrases as “I was too hungry”, “I prefer not to eat large meals every day”, “I have a similar eating experience”, and “I just bought this from someone from my country.”

For Thai, we’ve got “I don’t want to eat too much”, “I don’t want to eat too many rice dishes”, “I don’t mind eating this because it is Thai”, and “I love Thai rice dishes and I will not eat them until this is over”.

The phrases vary slightly for Korean, but look as if they were written by someone who has spent a significant amount of time in Korea and understands the language, while the descriptions in Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese offer similar experiences. You can learn to speak and understand at least one of these languages before even setting out to travel abroad.

We love eating and we love taking our friends and family with us, so we created something that can help you not only understand the culture and communicate with local people, but also make eating as affordable as possible.

Unsure of where to eat? Get it straight from the people who actually eat there. Get the reviews, photos, and detailed notes from real locals.

Explore and get out there

When your adventures start taking you to unfamiliar parts of the world, try to find the local language pack. Then, when you’re outside your comfort zone, have it handy. When you’re making a new friend, ask the local where to go to eat, go shopping, or do things. And when your friends show up on your doorstep, ask them where they went. Even better, when you’re finally visiting your hometown and you don’t have the language to go out to eat, visit some local stores and shops to see what’s locally produced and come to your own conclusions.

Since we don’t promote ethnic stereotyping, we’ll leave the guidance to the locals. You can choose how to engage with the local culture and see where the locals go. Our packs are helpful for exploration but not at all for cooking and cooking techniques. If you want to know more about making food while you travel, we recommend the Eatwell Chefs Guide.