Does Cbd Oil Help Arthritis Pain? – According To Doctor Monika Wassermann

In a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Pain, transdermal administration of cbd oil for pain helped reduce inflammation and pain-related behaviors in a rat model of arthritis without significant side effects. So how exactly does cbd oil help arthritis pain?

Another study backs up these findings, with researchers noting that CBD and other cannabinoids may offer chronic pain sufferers a new and effective treatment option by reducing inflammation and pain. While more research is needed, early research suggests that CBD and other cannabinoids can relieve pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

First, as noted by Doctor Monika Wassermann, CBD can relieve not only chronic pain, but also other symptoms associated with arthritis, such as sleep problems and depressed mood. This is taken via products such as the oil tinctures sold by retailers like JustCBD. Existing research suggests that CBD oil can relieve arthritis pain due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Topical CBD, such as creams and lotions, can also be helpful in relieving joint pain and other symptoms of arthritis.

Full-spectrum CBD applied using products such as CBD lotions and creams is especially beneficial for post-exercise recovery, athletes, and those treating conditions caused by inflammation such as arthritis. CBD products such as Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil can help treat chronic pain, inflammatory arthritis and are also known to improve overall health and can also help boost the immune system due to their alarming anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, CBD has fewer side effects, ingredients, and addictive properties than prescription narcotic pain relievers (such as opioids). That said, if you’re looking to buy cbd online, check sites like or other similar e-stores.

Although research on the benefits of CBD in animals is relatively limited, evidence is beginning to emerge that CBD products can relieve arthritis by reducing inflammation and pain in dogs with joint problems, resulting in increased mobility. Because the main types of arthritis in dogs are inflammatory conditions, CBD can help reduce pain, swelling, and mobility problems in many dogs. A 2016 study in rats with arthritis found that daily application of CBD gel helped reduce joint pain and inflammation.

A study published in Neuroscience Letters notes that cannabidiol (CBD) may reduce inflammatory arthritis pain in rats by influencing how pain receptors respond to stimuli. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, CBD demonstrated anti-arthritic properties in collagen-induced arthritis in mice.

In 2016, the University of Kentucky’s School of Pharmacy tested the potential arthritis pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects of topical CBD gel in a rat model. The results suggest that topical application of cannabidiol (CBD) can block pain and prevent the development of these joint pains and nerve damage. In animals with progressive osteoarthritis, infusion of CBD into the site of inflammation reduced pain sensitivity and increased load capacity.

Doctor Monika Wassermann, who also writes about the health and fitness lifestyle topics she’s interested in, notes that there are also numerous animal studies that have shown positive results in the treatment of arthritis with CBD, including a 2016 study using transdermal CBD in rats that found “CBD transdermal gel significantly reduced joint swelling”, extremity posture assessments such as spontaneous pain assessment, cellular infiltration, and synovial thickening in a dose-dependent manner.” There are early studies showing that CBD and THC can improve fracture healing in patients with arthritis, but more clinical trials need to be done first.