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Favourite Travel Apps

I’ve never been much of a tech geek, but as I travelled more I wanted to share my experienced with the world, using social media and apps to connect with other travellers.

Here are a few of my favourite apps for travelling, some of these can be used before you go away to plan your trip or they can be used whilst you’re away to plan your next move.

If you are taking a tablet or smartphone, I urge you to be careful with it, keep it safe and out of harm’s way. Make sure your phone insurance is up to date and covers you for international loss, theft or accident.


Skyscanner is a flight comparison site and app which searches for flights across the world. This is really handy for comparing not only price but airline and flight time which can often be the compromise of cost.

This is an app I use constantly for both international and internal flights and offers a simple and easy to use purchase process so you don’t have to spend hours filling in details.


Kayak is the number one traveller’s app for many reasons. This ingenious app allows you to browse and compare flights, trains, car hire and hotels all in one. You will often be able to find unique deals and offerings which you won’t find anywhere else.

This is handy because you can keep all of your bookings and travel arrangements in one place which saves confusion and searching for confirmation emails with no internet access which can be frustrating.

Another great feature is their Price Forecast which gives recommendations whether you should book now or wait a few days for the price to go down, which is really quite refreshing.


Citymapper isn’t available in all countries and cities but it is in most.

This travel app will help you to get from point A to B, showing you the route, time and cost and a number of alternatives. You can furthermore purchase tickets directly from the app, although you may take you to a third party site to do so. This is great for figuring your route and helps you to plan ahead in terms of cost.


If you’re one for making list after list or just think you’re bound to forget something important than this is the app for you.

Packpoint says what it does on the tin, it helps you to pack for your travels no matter how long you’re going away for. From important documents to clothing and footwear, Packpoint helps you at every stage. This clever little app furthermore looks up weather forecasts for the date and location of your trip and also allows you to select any activities you may be partaking in, offering any suggestions it thinks you may need. Genius.


Everyone knows TripAdvisor and how great it can be and thank god it available all over the world.

If you haven’t used this app before, all you have to do is search for hotels, restaurants, bars and landmarks in the location you’re heading and you’ll be met with hundreds if not thousands of results. You can furthermore search for dates and compare costs and availability, so overall it’s a fantastic app I wouldn’t go without.

Google Translate

Of course, Google Translate is on this list. If you’re not one for carrying around a phrase book, left it at the hostel or just can’t get across what you’re trying to say then simply select the ‘to’ and ‘from’ language and type in your word, phrase or sentence. You’ll then be presented with the translation on your screen or you can sound it from your phone or app.

This is also great for practising phrases which will help to get you by every day.

What are your favourite apps to use before and during travel, let me know by getting in touch. 

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