How to Keep Stylishly and Dry While Hiking

Hiking has some pretty great benefits. It burns calories and builds muscle but being outdoors and in nature is also good for your mental wellbeing, promoting a sense of calm and peace. But if it’s raining, those benefits are probably the last thing on your mind. When you want to stay dry and still look stylish, you need these easy tips.

Bring a Raincoat

Being stylish doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. If you want to stay dry on the hiking trail, be sure you bring the right clothing. A womens raincoat is a great choice because it will keep the rain from soaking your other clothes but is a stylish choice that will keep you looking great. For the most impact, look for a womens raincoat in a bright colour or fun pattern to add a bit of extra style to your look.

Use a Backpack Rain Cover

You can’t go hiking without a pack to carry your water, snacks and other necessities in. Having a backpack rain cover will keep you dry if it starts raining during your hike. You simply adjust the cover over your pack to so nothing inside is ruined by the water. Ruined or soggy wet supplies will only make you miserable and want to go home. You can also use the cover to preserve your stylish hair by ducking underneath it during a storm.

Dress in Stylish Layers

Layers are always a great idea when you’re hiking because you never know what the weather will do. But you don’t have to give up your sense of style to stay dry. Wear a base layer made of merino wool, followed by an insulating layer made of fleece or down. You can find these items in many colours, styles and patterns so it’s easy to align them with your look.

Consider a pair of rain pants that you can slide over your hiking pants if it gets wet. To stay stylish, match your pants to the other layers so your clothes don’t clash if it starts to rain. Some wool socks will keep your feet dry and a pair of sturdy waterproof boots complete your hiking ensemble.

Use Waterproofing Products

An easy way to keep your stylish hiking clothes warm and dry is to use waterproof products. This can be anything such as bags, apparel or hiking boots. The goal is to repel rainwater, keeping you dry if you’re caught in a storm. The products are essential for hiking and camping and can make a big difference. Therefore, invest in good waterproof products (look at this REI Outlet Online store to buy waterproof accessories) if you consider yourself a regular adventure tourist.

Check the Weather

Looking at the weather report before you hit the trail is an easy way to plan your stylish outfit around the conditions. If rain is expected, you can make sure you have your raincoat, waterproofing spray and other stylish layers, allowing you to look and feel your best, no matter what the weather decides to do.