How To Travel Cross Country In An RV

When you plan to travel the country using an RV camper, it works out to be a whole new experience. It gives you an upfront look at the flora, scenery and fauna. Prior to hitting the road, you have to decide on how long you want to travel the roadways and how it will affect the route you have chosen.

Weirdly enough, did you know that in many Chelsea escort reviews, it shows at least 500+ arrangements a month involve going on a cross country road trip? RV trips are not as taboo as one would think! Before you go, it is best to have a meeting with the family or other travellers about what you want to see and the places where you will eventually stop.

Prepare the Itinerary

First, you have to prepare an itinerary with a group of other travellers and then discuss how you will execute each item on the itinerary. This is important so you can all have a good and enjoyable experience. You should also explore different areas that you have never been to adjoining states or new cities. Preparing in advance is essential to making sure that everyone is on board and on the same page. There are some steps that you should consider, which we will go into:

Step 1

Get a map. Never travel without a map. Select the states or cities that you and your party want to visit. Get a directory from the campground you may be interested to visit. You can find details of the campground on the website or at one of the national park government sites. Be sure to browse the website to get the related fees for using the campsite or campground. Be sure you know the available amenities and services.

Step 2

Be sure you have a GPS app. Download one, if you don’t already have one on your phone. Put the correct destination into the GPS. You can use the map you have; highlighting your destination. However, GPS is so much more fluid and easier to manoeuvre. If you are using a map, use the highlighter to trace the exact route. Highlight the various legs throughout the journey; using different colours. Get everyone involved in finding different destinations. It could be fun, especially with young children at the party.

Step 3

Jot down a list of things you should pack. These might include a first aid kit, medication, food, family games and essential supplies. If children are travelling with you, bring toys and activities to keep them busy. Place emergency supplies in a container. This should include a flashlight and extra batteries. If your pet is coming along, be sure to bring pet supplies, which should include toys, bedding and food. You might want to read up on blogs (such as the ones from Mum Dad Plus 4) online to get adequate knowledge about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to travelling with pets.

Step 4

Be sure that your camper has the right supplies that will make everyone comfortable. This includes, but not limited to, bed linens, cups, cutlery, dishes and things you would use at home.

Step 5

Be aware that you may have to pay toll fees. You also have to have enough money to buy fuel for your camper and pay those campground fees. Bring a credit card, but also make sure you have cash with you as well. Have a discussion among the group to decide the amount of financial contribution that each person has to make toward the trip.

The Getaway

A getaway is one of the most rewarding escapes for so many people, especially when it is done on a weekend or for a long period of time and if it is done in an RV. Nothing is quite as fun as going cross country; tackling the roadways and knowing new places while you are on wheels and with your loved ones. It is a unique experience for families and friends; something that no one on the trip will be quick to forget.

Overcoming the Challenge

Even though the cross country trip in an RV can be fun, it can be quite challenging. In addition, it can be much more comfortable and convenient to travel cross country in an RV than stopping along the way to check into different hotel rooms, unpack and repack to go back on the road again.

However, it still takes a lot to be packed in an RV with other adults and children. That is why it is so important to plan and prepare an itinerary so that everyone has their needs met to make the journey less contentious and uncomfortable. It is still important to make stops along the way; to stretch your legs and to regroup. Be sure to plan those stops beforehand so that everyone knows exactly what to expect.

Plan the Driving Route

Try not to overburden yourself and that is why it is so important to plan ahead for those long driving hours. Get enough rest before the trip so the hours on the road won’t be so tiresome.

While some people can drive for hours on end, there are others that do better with periodic stops. Make sure that you have more than one driver on board so that you don’t have to be the only one driving for hours. It is also important to assign different legs of the journey to different drivers. It is advised that you drive no more than six hours at a time and then hand over the reins to the other driver.


The ideal cross country trip in an RV or a camper van from somewhere similar to is one that is well planned; down to the smallest detail. Use Google Maps to find really cool places that you can stop to enjoy some sightseeing along the way.

When you are sharing a vehicle for hours with others, it is better to stay engaged in conversation, sing-along, and other forms of group entertainment. This will make the trip more fun and less tedious. The kids should have their online games to play to keep them occupied.