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Inspirational Instagram Accounts for Travellers

Instagram is an incredible platform for sharing your own travel experiences and being inspired by others. It’s very easy to get lost in the world of others and become transfixed on their journey but don’t take it too literally, don’t get hung up on their experiences and instead use it as inspiration.

If you were starting your own travel social media accounts then you could use these Instagram accounts listed below as inspiration for how you want to structure and design yours. Plus if you wanted to get more awareness for your blog then you could buy instant instagram followers for faster success and a healthy growing platform.

Now, I’m not too active on Instagram but the accounts I do follow are good quality travellers and photographers, check out a few of my favourites below.

Travel Tom Tom


One of the best, Travel Tom Tom captures some of the best beaches, rainforests and landmark destinations around the world. What’s amazing is that Tom captures all of his photos on an iPhone and not any kind of expensive camera., this certainly gives me hope and has inspired me to be more experimental.

Anna Everywhere

Anna has been to every corner of the earth and each photo is better than the last. Anna has a great way of really interacting with her followers which means that if you ever need any tips or recommendations on where she has been, she’ll more than happily let you know.

Land Lopers

Matt Long, the man behind Land Lopers is a blogger and travel photographer who spends a lot of time travelling around Africa. Matt doesn’t do things by halves and you’ll find fewer backpacks and hostels and more luxury hotels and safari’s, but we can all dream.

Cole Rise

Cole Rise dubs himself as an ‘escape artist’ and with him being a pilot, his feed is nothing short of amazing. You’ll be dreaming of a wanderlust you’ll forever be chasing.

Le Postcard

The Instagram feed of Le Postcard is full of crystal clear oceans and white sandy beaches so if you’re missing the sun, sea and sand then this is the account you need to follow. Le Postcard is not just one individual but many, sharing incredible photos from all over the world.

Paris in Four Months

Carin Olsson is a Sweedish native who moved to the capital of love in search of her dreams. This Parisian city Instagrammer takes us to the hidden gems of Paris and has us wanting to hop on a quick flight.

Expert Vagabond

Matt is an adventurer, traveller and blogger allowing us access to his incredible journeys. The bright, colourful feed see’s the Expert vagabond travel from Cuba to Costa Rica and everywhere in between.

Lonely Planet

Every traveller has used a Lonely Planet Guide at some point in their travels and many regard them as the Bible, so it’s no surprise that the kings of travel have their own Instagram. Of course, you’ll find incredible photos and remote locations to ensure you’ll be dreaming of your next adventure in no time.

Passion Passport

Passion Passport is an Instagram feed made up of a community of travellers, you’ll feel jealous, inspired and motivated by this amazing feed. If you have a couple of photos which you think will make the cut, send them into the site and you may be featured.

Trip Hackr

Trip Hackr is an incredible photographer and has ticked some amazing landmarks and countries off his list. Each photo is well thought-out and inspiring, which just makes me incredibly jealous of his every trip.

Do you have an amazing traveller Instagram feed that you want to share with us here at Remote Island? Leave your account name in the comments below and we’d love to feature you.

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