Jet2 expands services to Lyon Airport

We’ve all been there. You’re excited to get going on your skiing trip, only to find that no flights will take you within 4 hours of your final destination. If you’re a repeat visitor to the Alps during skiing season, we have good news!

Jet2’s expanding service

Jet2 has recently announced that its services for skiers will improve, with the offer of a weekly service from Lyon to Manchester and back again. This is thanks to the huge spike in demand, especially as skiers are looking to get back on the slopes again for the 2021-22 season after missing the previous year. Jet2 is now offering flights to eight different ski destinations all across Europe, helping skiers to gain access to a huge number of resorts.

The list of destinations offered by Jet2 includes:

– Chambery
– Geneva
– Grenoble
– Salzburg
– Innsbruck
– Turin
– Barcelona (Andorra)

With this selection, Jet 2 has established itself as a skier’s doorway to the Alps, opening up a world of skiing opportunities for the 2021-22 season.

Where can I get to from Lyon?

One of the closest resorts to Lyon is La Plagne at the base of the Alps. According to Piste Pro, La Plagne is just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the airport in Lyon and is a large resort with plenty of pistes and routes designed to suit skiers of all abilities. This makes it a perfect destination for families and more experienced skiers alike, with plenty of variety to keep you engaged throughout your time at the resort.

Expert skiers can find a great experience in the “Derechoir” black run, taking you down the mountain and towards the tree line after you take the trip across a glacier. La Plagne offers stunning views and varied skiing for all abilities.

Why do people choose the Alps?

Whilst it’s all well and good being able to fly to Lyon, this isn’t going to affect you if you’re not a fan of Alpine skiing in the first place. You might instead prefer to take your trips to Andorra for a more unique skiing experience, or Scandinavian countries to try and take on more dangerous peaks.

Alpine skiing has something for everyone. Whether you’re flying down the unmarked paths of Chamonix or you’re looking to learn on the beginner slopes at La Plagne, the Alps are a varied and beautiful location to take your skis.

Jet2’s move towards supporting ski resorts and cities in the area means that not only are the Alps an established skiing destination, but they are now becoming easier than ever to access.

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