Do you use a video camera only to record your family and friends during vacations or important events like weddings, graduations or birthday parties? Are you aware that there are many more ways in which a camera can be used? For example, it can help you monitor your premises when you are away, see what your children are up to, when they are quietly sitting in their room, have an eye on your partner to see if s/he can be trusted and also check on your nanny to be sure she is taking a good care of your baby. How? With a help of mini cameras and spy video recorders.

Spoiled for choice

The offer of mini cameras and spy recorders is so wide that one may get lost. There are wired and wireless cameras, models concealed in everyday objects (like an alarm clock or TV remote), devices for inspection (so-called borescopes), scouting cameras for monitoring larger areas or animals, sport cameras for recording in extreme conditions and many more.

Which one to choose? Well, the choice should depend mainly on what you need it for:

  • House monitoring – choose a camera hidden in an everyday object as it allows for discreet monitoring of your family members or your nanny. Just put a spy mug, a CD disc or a cloth hanger with a mini camera wherever you want to and record everything that is going on.
  • Office monitoringcamouflaged cameras and video recorders are great, they are small yet provide footage in high quality. A mini camera may be hidden in a pen or USB flash drive and it will help you catch a dishonest worker red-handed and get a proof of his or her misconduct.
  • Baby monitoring – go for a wireless model that facilitates remote monitoring. Preferably with a night function, to see your baby when the lights are off. It should be equipped with an alarm system activated by baby’s voice, so you are instantly notified when it’s crying.
  • Inspection of difficult to reach places – invest in a special type of a mini camera that is called a borescope. Such equipment is perfect for getting to narrow crevices or reaching inaccessible places like pipes, engines, ventilation shafts and so on. It features a flexible wire of various length that is easy to operate and bend as needed and a minuscule, durable and waterproof camera lens installed on its end.
  • Property and wildlife monitoringscouting cameras are the best match here, as they are durable to harsh weather conditions, have very long operating time and good camouflage what makes them invisible among trees. They record footage, take pictures and some can send gathered footage to a defined e-mail address what enables remote monitoring.
  • Doing sports – a mini camera for recording sport stunts needs to record in HD and be resistant to demanding conditions like water, snow, sand and also extreme temperatures. At the same time, it needs to be small and light, especially when it is to be installed on a helmet or handlebars. The wider its viewing angle the better, as more action can fit in a shot.

As you can see, there is a real abundance of various mini cameras and video recorders available on the market. Find more at detective-tips.co.uk Everyone can find a model tailored to their needs, desires and also the thickness of the wallet. In many situations of everyday life, a mini camera may come in handy or may even save your life or wellbeing of your loved ones, is there anything more precious?

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