Reaching New Heights: The Shoes Made for Climbing

An array of hiking and climbing shoes and boots are sold from various manufacturers, but sadly, many of the boots fail miserably at meeting expectations of the outdoorsman, sometimes causing increased hiking difficulty rather than improvement. Hiking is an activity that offers an array of health benefits, but so much more. It’s a great way to discover yourself as you discover life’s simple pleasures just as much as it provides fantastic opportunity to bond with the people closest to you, whether family or friends. Hiking is exciting and fun, keeps you in great shape, and eliminates boredom in an instant. But, with improper footwear on your feet, the excitement of hiking is diminished and you’re left wondering where it all went wrong.

Hiking footwear is given its name for a reason. If you’re hiking, rock climbing, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, wearing these special shoes protect your feet from elements that could not only hurt your feet now, but cause pains that linger around for years ahead. Good hiking shoes or boots ensure your feet are comfortable, supported, and that you’re capable of walking on most any type of terrain ahead of you. 

Mad Rock shoes were designed to enhance the rock climbing experience, providing wearers a comfortable pair of shoes with all the features needed to excel at this sport. The shoes are far from your average pair of shoes, providing all the qualities that you need when tackling the tough terrains of a big Climb. Wearing shoes while hiking is always beneficial versus wearing a pair of boots, especially when they’re made by Mad Rock.

Mad Rock climbing shoes offer:

  • Neutral, moderate, and aggression-style climbing shoes available
  • Gripping ability allows you to grip the rock for better support and stability as you climb
  • Shoe sensitivity allows you to feel the terrain underneath you, as well as any changes
  • Available for men, women, and kids
  • Array of styles so fashion is always ‘in’
  • Bouldering shoes available

Mad Rock offers rock climbing shoes for beginners as well as for the most advanced climbers and climbers in-between. No matter your skill level,  the rock-climbing shoes provide the perfect combination of comfort and durability to ensure every adventure is better than the last.

Additionally, madrockshoes brand sells their product at a reasonable price. So often, quality comes at a price; a major price. But not this go round. Mad Rock is a company started in 2002 by a group of fellow rock climbers and hikers who saw the need for a great pair of shoes. As fellow enthusiasts, this group of individuals also knew firsthand how expensive good, quality rock climbing products could be. They vowed to price their shoes and accessories at a price everyone could afford. Even 15 years after creating their first pair of rock climbing shoes, Mad Rock has stood by that promise. When you buy this brand of hiking shoe, you’ll always get a high-quality, technical shoe at an awesome price.

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