The Remote Islander’s Approach to Sports Betting

There are certain traits which are really only harboured by those people who sort of have to make the most of the little they have in their daily environments, and while those of us who live in mainland countries which span over sizeable landmasses may feel as if remote islanders have the perfect life, in truth they feel the same with regards to us mainlanders’ lives. The truth is though that islands, because of their remote locations and their size, aren’t places where you can readily get absolutely everything and anything you’ve become accustomed to by just driving a few miles.

Now it’s quite interesting to take a closer look at the life of a typical remote islander in that their most basic of instincts always seem to be lingering, even if that specific islander perhaps lives on an extensively developed island like the Cayman Islands. I know, there are perhaps what many might consider to be deeper, more profound or maybe even more “important” lessons to take away from this observation of how the typical islander goes about their daily business, but I found it rather interesting to look at it from the point of view of a sports bettor.

Suffice to say this has helped me make better use of all the sports betting offers at William Hill and other online casinos of note, by simply applying the sports betting approach of an islander.

So what on earth is this remote islander’s sports betting approach and why on earth am I willing to share it if it works out so well for me? Well the truth is it goes against the typical bettor’s better judgement and either you get it or you don’t. So I’m confident in my declaration that this strategy won’t get saturated because many mainlanders who are closer to home and closer to the action just simply cannot refrain from betting with their hearts and that is where the sports betting approach of the typical remote islander varies from that of a “mainlander.”

If you’re a Liverpool fan for example and your team’s upcoming weekend match against a genuine title contender features on the wager, no matter what your brain tells you the likeliest possible outcome will be, your heart will have its say and chances are you’re going to let your love for your team influence your final betting decision. That’s where remote islanders differ in their approach and as much as they may also support their specific teams of choice in global leagues such as the Premier League, when it comes down to selecting the wager outcomes their remote-islander survival instincts kick into play and they bet with their minds and not their hearts.

In this way, strategy prevails over anything else and so that’s why you often hear of the jackpot having been won by someone who is not even of the same time-zone as you are. They stay away from all the extra analyses carried out by shows such as those which air a few hours before the next game so that their betting strategies don’t get” contaminated” in any way!

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