How to See the Best of Europe of One Month

Here in England, we often take for granted the incredible travelling opportunities we have on our doorstep.

Many people, from around the world will travel many, many hours to spend a few weeks in Europe and see some of our incredible sights so why is it then when we first think of travelling, we think of going to South America, Asia and other places far, far away.

There is so much to do and see in Europe, that you may struggle to fit it all into one month but if you plan carefully, be selective about what you want to do and see, then I think this will be the best month of your life.


I would start in Paris; it will only take you around an hour and a half to get to from the UK and it’s a landmark in its own right.

3-4 days in Paris is enough to see all of the sights, the Eifel Tour, The Louvre and d’Orsay and of course the Saint Chapelle, there is a whole host of things to enjoy whilst in the magical city.

Food is absolutely fantastic, and much to everyone’s surprise, Paris can be done on a backpackers budget, stay in hostels, use bikes for transport and don’t head to any fancy restaurant’s.


From Paris, you can get a direct train to Bruges where you can take in the sights of the old town, browse the markets and marvel at the breathtaking architecture.

I would recommend just two days here, and this will be enough time to see the sights.



If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, then you’re in for a real treat. I would try and fit 3-4 days in here as there is so much to see and the culture is utterly fantastic.

Head to the museums, bike along the canals and defiantly make a trip to see Ann Frank’s house.


Next on the list is Berlin and I would say to spend 3 days here. Make a B-line for the iconic Brandenburg Gate and take in the utter grandeur of this remarkable city which is steeped in history.


Spending 3-4 days in this beautiful city will be well worth it. There is so much to do and see but you have to make sure you cram everything in.

This romantic city is covered in a hundred spires, so if you can, see as many as possible all whilst enjoying the Charles Bridge and wandering around the cobbled streets.



You have to make a stop off in Venice, it’s the most breath-taking city full of so much character.

I would only recommend spending 2 days here as it is quite touristy and therefore pretty expensive. Of course there are a number of hostels and you can see Venice on a budget but generally, accommodation, food and attractions are pricey.


The historic city of Rome is a bucket list destination and you should definitely take advantage of it being within such close proximity. See the Colosseum and Roman Forum as well as the Spanish Steps, Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona, whilst you’re in Rome.

I would say four days is enough to see the best of Rome, but I could easily add another day and a half to that, wandering the streets and taking in the culture.


Nice is a bit of a distance from Rome unless you fly but it’s certainly worth the effort. Enjoy the beautiful coastal line, take a visit to the winding lanes of the old town and of course, take a dip in the Mediterranean sea.

2-3 days is the perfect amount of time to see Nice and have a few moments of utter relaxation.


Finishing your month in Europe by heading to Barcelona is the best decision.

Barcelona is a hub of fun, creativity and amazing sight-seeing destinations, the nightlife is great, the food is even better and the people are nothing but welcoming. If you work it out right, you could squeeze in maybe 4-5 days and finish your travels on a major high.

A month travelling around Europe is exhausting as there is just so much to do and see but you’ll come home wanting to relive the whole experience.

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