Serviced Apartments: When should you pick them over a Hotel?

Serviced apartments are becoming increasingly popular in a world where the customer is gaining more purchasing power through the greater choice of accommodation offered by websites like Expedia and Trivago.

Hotels no longer have a stranglehold on the holiday accommodation industry and there are plenty of situations where they may not be the best accommodation available to suit your holiday needs.

Serviced apartments offer larger space and greater flexibility in terms of meals and general living conditions. Here are some of the reasons and situations where a serviced apartment would be a better option for your accommodation than a hotel.

The Wider Variety of Options for Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are not only a good option for large families they are also good for couples and individuals alike. With accommodation sizes usually ranging from large houses to small studio apartments. For those on a short city break or business trip a serviced apartment could be the perfect option. Hotels typically offer better value for very short stays but serviced apartments are better over the long term.

The Length of Stay

You will be able to find a serviced apartment to suit your needs in terms of stay times. For those relocating for business purposes or visiting an area, a serviced apartment can offer a good example of what it would be like working in a new area without a permanent move there. This will save you money on long-term hotel stays and servicing fees. And once you’ve stayed in a serviced apartment for a while, you might know if you’d want to have a similar set-up for a while. In case you want one, you could search for your dream apartment on sites like

Additionally, the personal feel of a serviced apartment allows you to better ‘settle in’ to your stay; meaning you can ‘live’ in your accommodation rather than just stay in it as with a hotel. The ability to cook and prepare your own meals will add to this homely feel when you stay in a serviced apartment.

The degree of Involvement you wish to have

The different types of apartments available means that you can select one that best suits your needs. This is beneficial over hotels which often include the cost of services like food, laundry and cleaning in the cost of the room. Additionally selecting an onsite managed apartment can give you all the benefits of catered hotel accommodation.

With serviced apartments, you can choose from either one with off site staff or ones with different on site amenities like gyms and restaurants. You may also enjoy exclusive access to lounging areas with cool amenities like a Self Serve Beer machine, snack options, board games and pool tables, and more, where you can spend time with family and friends. These additional amenities on offer with serviced apartments also mean you can afford to travel light and enjoy your journey to the destination more.

Why a Serviced Apartment Would be great for your City Escape

If you do opt for a serviced apartment there are no shortage of supplies in the major cities both at home and abroad. The Beech House in Bristol offers fantastic examples of serviced apartments catering to a variety of needs. Head over to their website today to get a better idea of how good of an option serviced apartments can be.