The 3 highlights for the perfect relaxing route through Amsterdam

The vondelpark

Despite its bourgeois origins (the area was designed in 1864 thanks to the generosity of a group of citizens eager to give people a green place in the heart), the Vondelpark was in the spotlight of the media almost a hundred years later. Multiple circumstances, customs and traditions have changed this place in the meantime. In the 60s of the last century, the park was gradually occupied by thousands of hippies from all over Europe and in many cases also from abroad. These not only stayed to quietly smoke their stick, but actually also stayed with large groups for nights and nights in mountains of sleeping bags, with all the ‘naked’ consequences. In the 70s the park came back to the full satisfaction of residents and tourists who, especially during the summer months, like to spend the hours of free time here. There are spaces for children to play, bar-cafes where you can drink something in company, outdoor performances and thousands of parrots.


Leidseplein, the heart of Amsterdam’s nightlife, is without a doubt the place to go completely crazy or to relax during the day and let yourself be entertained by the countless number of street artists. This square contains many terraces, breweries, coffeeshops (not much further is the location of Coffeeshop Amsterdam West, the most visited coffeeshop in Amsterdam) and clubs, including the famous ‘Paradiso’, housed in a church that is no longer in use .

Watch out; In the city, only the consumption of marijuana and hashish is legal. Ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and more alike are strictly prohibited. That’s why you should definitely be on the lookout for drugdealers, even if they propose to compete with coffeeshops on the market for smaller prices. If you want to smoke marijuana, you can do so in any coffee shop but you cannot do so whilst wondering the streets. Feel free to click to learn about some of the marijuana strains that may be on offer in some of the coffee shops. If you haven’t really been around marijuana all that much, then you might also benefit from reading over a guide into measuring marijuana, this will ensure that you get your money’s worth and you’re not overpaying for a weight that you’re not receiving. It’s worth to note when you’re in a coffee shop, you will be able to access everything you need to smoke, so if you’re travelling over here with none of your own smoking accessories, fear not, the coffee shop of your choice will be able to supply you with your weed (obviously), grinders, bongs, even rolling papers so you can enjoy


Amsterdam; the city with a rich history, museums and monuments that in the past 30 to, 40 years has become a kind of homeland of offense. The simultaneous presence of different types of visitors often means that the city center is overcrowded. Chaotic. In any case, don’t worry. Those who want a bit of rest and relaxation have a comfortable and easily accessible alternative; We advise you the Begijnhof. An old monastery of Catholic nuns (Beghine), dedicated to help the poor and needy. Even today, with a simple square inhabited mainly by students and elderly, the Beguinage miraculously kept its peaceful appearance intact. So if at any point during your trip to Amsterdam you suddenly feel the need to recharge your batteries a bit, then the park’s courtyard is the perfect place for a relaxing stop.