The benefits of spas and the best spas and retreats in the country

Spas are a great way to relax and unwind.  A relaxed mind is a healthy mind. Whether you are staying for a day or a weekend, time at a spa is not cheap and big business. What exactly are the health benefits of spas and are they safe?

The reasons we visit spas is to relax and unwind, and since we spend so much money doing so, it’s best we know the health benefits and make sure we choose our spa and health club with care.

Scientists say that the reason spas are so good for us is that the physical contact is healing for us, and even if it is from a stranger it is great for our well-being. It makes us feel like we are being taken care of in a way that is acceptable in our culture. 

Studies have shown the benefits of a spa. The Japanese government found in a study of 3,300 Japanese government workers that frequently used a spa had better physical and mental health than those who didn’t. They had better sleep quality and fewer sick days.

There has been some argument that spas can be unhealthy due to hygiene reasons, but most spas will be regulated and water cleaned regularly in order for this to not be an issue.

Spas are there to make us look and feel great, with many offering all sorts of treatments from manicures to facials, as well as the usual back and head massages.

What are the best spas in Britain? 

30 James Street, Liverpool

Opening in summer 2014, this spa promises to be impressive. Not only will it have all of the usual spa facilities. Users who are in a large group (e.g. weddings or a big birthday) can hire out and entire floor of the hotel and have their own private access via their own staircase. Their prices promise to be reasonable and they are going to cater for a lot of weddings in the coming years so watch this space.

Dorchester Hotel Spa, London

Spa to the stars, this hotel prides itself on old-world glamour as well as the newest, most cutting edge treatments on the market. They use some of the most recognised brands around Europe and their nine treatment rooms are all sound-proof. There are double treatment suites available for couples too.

Chuan Spa, Langham Hotel, London

Another spa down south. This central London spa is all about traditional Chinese medicine, as well as traditional facials and massages. It has a massive 16m swimming pool and a sauna and steam room.

Celtic Manor, Newport

This tranquil spa is only small despite the size of the hotel. They do some cool treatments that are different to the norm and their prices won’t break the bank.

Ragdale Hall, Leicestershire

Despite its grand sounding name, there’s nothing overly-grand about their prices. Treatments begin at the bargain price of £18 and they do amazing food. There friendly staff make the experience something to remember and they have a vast array of facilities. 

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