The best hotel design and architecture from around the world

I am a travel maniac and am lucky to have travelled to many different hotels around many cities around the world. I have compiled a list of buildings that I found to be the most beautiful, unique and fascinating of all.

1. 30 James Street, Liverpool

30 James Street is the ‘Home of the Titanic’ and is the building that the White Star Line company was in once upon a time. The White Star Line was the company that built several ships, including the famous RMS Titanic. I had the pleasure of staying in this hotel for a few nights when I visited Liverpool on a business trip this year. It is like nothing I have seen in hotel rooms anywhere. The rooms are spectacular, each is named after someone related to the Titanic disaster, whether it be a survivor, ship builder or someone who sadly lost their lives. I found this to be a really fitting building for the hotel. It is beautiful and the rooms are large and airy which is wonderful. I stayed mid-week as I was there for work so the rates were extremely reasonable too!

2. Base2stay, London- Kensington and Liverpool

I have stayed in both the Kensington and the Liverpool base2stay and I have to say the buildings are absolutely magnificent. They are grade II listed (I forgot to mention that 30 James Street is also a grade II listed building) and the rooms have been preserved with astonishing beams across the ceiling . These are unique rooms and they are excellent value (especially Liverpool, London hotels are always pretty expensive as we all know). I loved that they had a mini kitchenette inside and the decoration really suited the style of the rooms. Classic and old-school.

3. The Mirrorcube, Sweden

This is a totally unique hotel that is made from lightweight aluminium and is suspended around a tree trunk and covered in mirrors! Weird ey?! It is amazing. It is just one room and accommodates two people, so I am fully aware of how lucky I was to get to stay in this place. It even has a kitchen and its own roof terrace. The views are astonishing.

4. The Icehotel, Sweden

When I took a trip to Sweden I just knew that I had to pay a visit to this hotel. It is famous around the world, well, because it’s a hotel made from ice! The entire building melts and gets reconstructed every year, which in itself is pretty cool. Temperatures are minus 5 degrees throughout and the beds are made of snow and ice. A team of architects every November get together to build the hotel, making sure that it is unique every year! 

5. Marmara, Turkey

The views from here are just unbelievably stunning. The hotel overlooks the Med and the Taurus Mountains in the city of Antalya. It is the world’s first revolving hotel and it has a 24 room loft. The pool is gorgeous and turns 365 degrees 7 times a day! I only stayed for one night because of the steep price tag but it was so worth it!

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