The Impacts of Coronavirus on Airlines

Over the months, this pandemic called CORONAVIRUS has gradually penetrated and eaten deep into every sector of the world. Increasingly, the economic strength of the world is experiencing an earthquake. The Global Aviation Sector is no exemption as the spread of CORONAVIRUS poses severe and daily challenges to airports and airlines. Most airlines have started using passenger aircraft for cargo carriage, while others have suspended flights altogether. It is safe to say that the world of commercial and global travel is gradually crumbling. Of course, some airlines are still flying out to other countries. Those airlines are taking safety measures, such as regular cleaning and getting all passengers to wear face masks for the duration of the flight. To make sure everyone has a mask, some airlines have even been looking for face mask wholesale companies, so they can equip their workers and passengers with masks. This helps all passengers and employees to get to their destinations safely. Some airlines aren’t this lucky though. Some are experiencing multiple issues.

Flight Cancellations

Since the rapid spread of the pandemic, the borders of some countries have been shut down. Thus, airlines have been forced to remain incarcerated as there is no operation at their end. Airlines with lots of flights that fly down to countries that are profoundly affected by the outbreak of CORONAVIRUS will suffer the most at this period as they are disabled. Due to the restrictions caused by the stay at home order, most people have had no option than to cancel their flights. Most countries have made an outright ban on travel while some of the prohibitions are country-specific. However, airlines in Europe and the United States have been instructed to refund fares on cancelled flights. Hence, the spread of COVID-19 has succeeded in disrupting everything related to airlines and airplane tickets.

Costs of Air Cargo

Most passenger aircraft have been turned to cargo carriers. However, most of the air cargo space has also cut down services due to economic reasons while doing have stopped going to countries that are affected the most. Hence, the business is affected since. For example, China engages in a lot of Import and Export businesses and is greatly affected by the pandemic. Therefore, Asian airlines are affected the most at this period.


Due to the increase in flight Cancellations, many airlines had to comply with the refund instructions will be in a matter of months (if not already) with threats of bankruptcy or total shut down of business. This is so as the declining trend has punctured their financial and economic strength.

Airline Workers

Over the world, most companies are forced to close down, leaving workers with nowhere to go as the stay at home order restricts movements. The airline workers are also not exempted from the stay at home order issued. Hence, it is only reasonable for them to feel uncertain and unsure as to what their fates are after the pandemic goes. This is because they have to worry about the state of their health and their job security. Most of them are also not being paid because of the suspended services on the airlines part. It is likely that when airline staff are allowed to return to work, they will be required to wear medical isolation gowns that are disposable so that they are constantly protected from potential carriers they may encounter on the plane or in the airport. The cost of PPE is, however, a necessary expenditure if airlines are serious about protecting their staff.

Damages of Aircrafts

Like as when a machine gets locked out if it not used for a couple of months, some of the airplanes and other facilities that should be in use may face damages that may incur more expenses on the airline’s part.


One can only hope that the CORONAVIRUS pandemic dies down in no time so that the airline industry will be back to its feet. Hopefully soon, we will be able to look at the states opening now and be able to book flights to our favorite destinations. However, in the meantime, the airlines should try to salvage the situation by engaging in more cargo services while providing health security for workers. Workers who cannot but stay at home at this time should also be assured of the safety of their jobs when the pandemic finally leaves to return no more.