Where to Stay in Belgium During Your Holiday

Belgium has gained political independence and regained cultural independence from the last century with its famous Flemish culture. The government now has full control of the language and other cultural aspects through its administration. It is widely accepted and the country enjoys a high degree of unity and solidarity. There are several factors that contribute to the high level of tourism that Belgium enjoys today. It is very popular because of the low crime rate, excellent weather and the pleasant climate throughout the year. This page will explain some of the main factors behind Belgium’s tourism boom.

The low crime rate and friendly people – The low crime rate has made it very easy to attract tourists from all over the world. In addition to this, the favorable weather throughout the year is another key factor that has helped Belgium gain a large number of visitors each year. The top tourist destinations that are highly recommended by many are Antwerp, Bruges, Brive and Brussels.

Community Days – These are special community days that are organized by the municipalities in Belgium. Here, people get together to celebrate the heritage and culture of their locality. Some of the most interesting festivals that are celebrated in this region include the Fete de la Castre (quin de la Castre), which is celebrated during February and March and the Thier de la Plage (the de la plage) which is celebrated during August or September. Besides, the popular festival that is observed in August or September is the Fete de la Bordeaux.

Other major festivals that are popular among tourists in Belgium include the Thon Bon Voyage (also known as Thon Bazaar), which is a spectacular traditional market that is held on Saturday evening in October. This is one of the most popular tourist activities in Belgium and tourists spend a lot of money on attending this event. Tourists can also participate in various other activities such as rowing, water skiing, sailing, bungee jumping and climbing. A very popular sport that is played during Thon Bon Voyage is Roubaix, a horse race that is conducted between two teams. While the horses compete for first or second place, the spectators enjoy watching the thrilling race.

Festivals & Events – Another popular thing that tourists like to do in Belgium is to participate in various local festivals and events. These range from wine festivals to folk festivals and music festivals. During these festivals, people decorate their houses, use colourful fabrics, eat foods that are unique to that area and exchange things with friends and neighbours. One of the most important things that can be considered while planning your holidays in Belgium is to participate in a number of local festivals or events. For instance, in Brugge you can find plenty of great local festivals and events. There is the Molen van Sloten festival which is held in mid-September every year where people dress up in costumes and get into the street to have fun and participate in dances, games and street markets.

City Holidays – The city of Antwerp is one of the most famous cities in Europe. The city features a romantic and lively character. There are many different types of city holidays available in Antwerp, some of them last for a few days, some for a week and others for a month. If you are planning to visit Antwerp during one of these periods, there are various things that you should keep in mind.

First of all, when visiting a city like Antwerp, it is important that you plan your holiday so that you can spend time in the city without having to spend too much money on accommodation. When you are staying at a holiday inn or bed and breakfast, you may get a free breakfast. You will also find that most inns provide you with a balcony so that you can have a pleasant view of the city. Most of the hotels also provide you with a garden or a courtyard, so that you can spend time relaxing in the evening. It is very important to consider the accommodation aspect while planning your holiday if you want to get a cheap holiday deal to Belgium.

In order to get the best holiday deals to Belgium, you need to spend some time comparing the different holiday packages and choosing the right one for you. When comparing holiday packages, try to go for the ones that offer you a combination of cheap holiday accommodation, food and drink and sightseeing. If you combine these three aspects in a package, you will definitely get a great deal. Belgium has beautiful scenery and there are various holiday deals available to enjoy it.